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P.A.F. Factory Sets

$250.00 each
P.A.F. Set

These pickup sets are faithful to the origial sounds created by factory P.A.F. pickups produced from 1955-1968. These matches sets are reproductions of sets found in Factory guitars


1955 Prototype - A3 Neck ,  A4 Bridge

1957 Classic  -   A2 Neck  ,  A2 Bridge

1961 P.A.F.  -  A2 Neck  ,   A5 Bridge

1968 P.A.F.  -  A4 Neck ,  A5 Bridge

Classic A5  -  A5 Neck  ,  A5 Bridge

Marshal El34  -   A2 Neck  ,  A2 Bridge

Custom A4  -  A4 Neck , A4  Bridge

Nine One Six  -   A3 Neck  , A2 Bridge

JP #2  -  A3 Neck , A5 Bridge - this set comes equiped for JP Les Paul wiring. Plan enamel wire in neck. Vintage Metal grades used

U.S.A Screws and Slugs

In House machined keeper bar using proper electrical steel

Vintage Elektrisola enamel wire / Vintage lead wire