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Miner Set - 7 string

$180.00 each

Seven String - Gibson Style   A5 - 7.5k Neck  ,  Ceramic - 7.6k  Bridge


Signature line designed especially for Christopher Dean.  


Christopher's testamonial:

"The Miner" Signature Set allows me true quality and diversity with a literal flick of a switch. I can get the crunch and depth needed on the bridge for a precise attack needed for rock/metal/punk while preserving a vibrant non-distorted clean tone and the fatness and throated singing on the neck for smooth arpeggios and metal or blues solos or beefy clean acoustic/rhythm playing. When I go middle position I get the twang and charm of a strat, similar to a single coil but without that nasty hum, to get a soft shimmer for solos, clean and dirty rhythms for a sweet added texture. My one guitar can be as beefy as a Les Paul on the bridge, a Strat on middle and a Shred Machine on the neck....... what else could I ask for?"